Get Healthy!

What you need to know to become healthy.

What is one myth about fat?

Not all fat is bad for you. There are many types of fat you want in your diet such as Monosaturaded fats and polysaturatted fats which include omega 3.
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Whats in a healthy diet?

In a healthy diet you want the 4 main fats, like the ones above. You want a god amount of protein (Found in meats) and carbs (found in bread, pasta, ect). whole grains, fruit and vegetables, protein, diary, and fat & sugar. is basically everything you need for an essential everyday diet. What you want to limit is GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) Even though they may be good for you, they are not 100% natural meaning chemicals have been used to modify them.

If you are someone that needs to lower Cholesterol read this!

Trying to lower Cholesterol, read this.

Step 1- Choose healthier fats such as saturated fats found in red meats and dairy products.

Step 2- Eat foods rich in omega 3 such as almonds, fish and flax seeds.

Step 3- simply add whey protein to meals.

Watch and learn how to become healthy