Meet the Coaches Kreft Primary

Inspiring Excellence

Our Philosophy

We empower teachers and students to take learning risks by creating a valuable partnership focused on student learning. We believe in inspiring excellence through working together to build a trusting and respectful culture of learning.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe in:

  • Putting students first
  • Listening to learn
  • Asking questions and seeking first to understand
  • Collaborating and learning together
  • Presuming positive intent
  • Taking risks in a trusting and caring envirnoment

Let's get started

We have divided the year up into 5 rounds of coaching cycles. These rounds were thoughtfully developed around our school calendar, units of study, and integrity of the coaching cycle. If other dates work better for you and your students we are flexible.

We would love to schedule a coaching cycle with you! We look forward to working together in helping students succeed. Sign up for a round by emailing Kellie or Michelle.

Round 1- Sep. 6 - Oct. 12

Round 2- Oct. 16 - Dec. 1

Informal coaching- Dec. 4 - Dec. 21

Round 3- Jan. 8 - Feb. 23

Round 4 - Mar. 5 - Apr. 19

Round 5- Apr. 23 - May 31