Education Reformation!

Stand up and have a voice

The stress is to much

Students get physically sick from the thought of having to come to school. Student are under a lot of stress and often don't take care of themselves. Teachers pile on homework on the same nights not thinking about our other classes getting it all done in one night makes us loose sleep as is not counting students staying late for extra curricular activities till past 7pm.

Memorize, Memorize, Memorize!

Public education doesn't test our intelligence, it test our ability to memorize facts in a short amount of time then forget it the next day. We're all tested on the same levels Albert Einstein said, " if you test a fish on its ability to clime a tree, it will live its life believing it's stuped

The Pressure to Succeed Causes Depression

Beginning in elementary school, students are told that they have to go to an Ivy League college, and they have to get good grades. Parents push students towards classes the students don't want to take, in addition to emphasizing high A's. This is on top of required classes. Students feel so uninterested in their life because of this that they can become depressed, even to the point of suicide. Students can also feel like a failure and think their parents won't be proud if they don't understand something, because it hurts their grade.


We want unlimited time on state given tests. We would also like not to have as many required classes. For example, don’t require foreign language classes, and only require three core classes instead of all four. Plan the homework output on students and have the teachers compare lesson plans as to not overwhelm the students