Coach Grey Wheel 6 Period

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This is the location of Baylor in Waco Texas Baylor ave is the university.
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Official University

On February 1st 1845 Anson Jones, president of the Republic of Texas made Baylor official university.
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As you can see the Baylor Bears are saying hi to all of Baylor University.
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The Baylor colors are GOLD and GREEN witch are some of my favorite colors.

Reverend James huckins

He was the first all time fundraiser for Baylor.
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Henry lee graves

Henry lee graves was the first presedent of Baylor.
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Henry Gillete

Henry Gillet was the first professor at Baylor.
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Stepen decutur rowe

He was the first to get a degree.
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New Real Bears

Baylor University gits ted the real bear and the mascot was born.
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Baylor Song

The proud Baylor song.