The Northern Spotted Owl

As scientists say: The Strix occidentalis Caurina

Aren't There Enough Owls In The World?

There are plenty of Barn Owls and Snowy Owls, but not enough Northern Spotted Owls. These brown, white spotted, critters are threatened and still shrinking. Northern Spotted Owls live away from each other, but the Homo Sapiens are cutting down the trees they live in. This leads to the decline of the Northern Spotted Owls. These 18 inch owls flourishing the lands with only three to five thousand in population probably because they can live in any kind of climate. They have been spotted in cold wet weather and warm climate as well. Hopefully these owls will be able to adapt to these situations and grow in size. (fws, OP, Wiki)

Cheers to the FWS and the Defenders of Wildlife

FWS (Fish & Wildlife Service) and the Defenders of Wildlife hold an organization to protect the Northern Spotted Owls. Thanks to these two assocation these owls are growing in population. The Fish & Wildlife Service not only helps endangered animals, like the Northern Spotted Owl, but it also protects endangered plants as well. Like the FWS, Defenders of Wildlife also defend the threatened plants. The Defenders were founded in 1947 and since then have been working with the government, businesses, and conservation stakeholders across the country. For more than six decades, this organization has been a leading force in the protection of wildlife and wild lands. Help protect these beautiful creature by visiting the Defender's of Wildlife website or the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service websites. Every animal deserves a place in this world. (fws, DW)

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