By: Kaitlyn Haugsted

Basic Facts

Capital: Bangkok

Population: 67,976,405

Languages: Thai, Lao, Khmer, Chinese, Malay, and English

Government: Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha

Head of State: King Bhumibol Adulyadej


Education and Clothing

Children in Thailand start school at age five years old. High School for them starts at age 11 years old, then ends at age 18 years old, but only few children go to high school because its not required. Then for college even fewer people go to college. Children in school have to take English, Computer classes, Buddhism, Math, History, Thai, Geography, and Music classes. They also have to wear uniforms such as a white plain shirt and dark shorts for boys, and then for girls, again a plain white shirt and dark skirt. The law in school for them used to be that for both girls and boys would have to cut there have short but the law does not exist anymore, some teachers still go around with a ruler and forces girls to cut there hair to any exact measure. Also Boy are required to shave all there hair off. The total literacy rate for country is 96.7% which is really good I would say.
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Traditional Food and Dishes

Some Traditional food and dishes are Pad Thai which is pan fried noodles, Tom Yam which is salty, spicy, lemon-flavored soup, and Then Satay which is barbaqued meat on a stick with peanut sauce. Also Thai food is usually spicy-hot with all the chilies, spices, and garlic. Rice is also served with breakfast, lunch and dinner. For beverages that are a favorite Cold Coconut and sugarcane juices. A favorite treat is toasted bread with condensed milk spread on the top of it. Also Thai people eat bugs coated in honey, then fried and eaten as a delicacy.
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Traditions and Holidays

There are three New Year's Celebrations including the International New Year which is celebrated on January first, the Chinese New Year and the Thai New Year which is called Songkhran which i in April. Its very important to Thai because its a holiday they try to spend time with their family. Thai also give gifts to the Buddhist monks and the elders. Also another way they celebrate this holiday is by throwing buckets of water on each other and even on strangers walking past. It means to say Good Luck. Another holiday is called Loi Krathong which is a festival celebrated on the twelth full moon of the year. How they celebrate it is Thai fill the rivers and canals up with baskets full of flowers and candles. The basket floating away, is a sign of believing that they carry away all the bad luck from the past year.
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This country has kind of a low GDP per capita which is 16,100. The exports they are known for are automobile parts, computer parts, jewelry, precious stone, polymers of ethylene in primary forms, refine fuels, electronic integrated circuits, sugar, cassava, poultry, machinery parts, iron, steel, and their products. Also they get imports from other country's,

which are machinery parts, crude oil, electrical machinery parts, chemicals, iron, steel products, electronic integrated circuit, automobile parts, jewelry including silver bars and even gold, computer parts, electrical household appliances, soybean meal, wheat, cotton, and dairy products. he reason why they need imports is because so they have it and they probably need it.

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