Professional & Deeper Learning

Newsletter Edition 1, September issue

"Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid."

-Albert Einstein

Who We Are

We are a team of classroom teachers who are growing the capacity of JCPS teachers to design deeper learning experiences for our students. Our mission is to grow our teachers’ abilities to make rich learning experiences a reality for every student in a JCPS classroom now and for years to come. To do this, we highlight and spread deeper learning in JCPS classrooms, we facilitate school-based conversations toward more authentic teaching and learning, and we push JCPS to depth and coherence in vision.
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Why and How We Work

Because we know our students will face future social, economic, and political challenges that we cannot predict, their capacity to care about the quality of their thinking and communicating is necessary now more than ever. The goal of deeper learning strategies and practices is for students to become their best at relating to themselves, their learning, their work, and their world.

The most profound thing students take with them from our classes is who they have become. Our legacy is how they will shape their world.

For students to experience deeper learning, teachers must take a design attitude towards teaching and learning. In order to help teachers become better designers, The Deeper Learning Resource Team facilitates and enables a number of teacher driven, student centered experiences, including but not limited to…

We're Here to Support ALL Learners!

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Professional Development

We design and facilitate personalized professional learning regarding:

  • Student capacities and dispositions

  • Design of learning environments

  • Deeper learning strategies and approaches

  • Authentic assessments and demonstrations of learning


We find, encourage, relate to, and inform others about deeper learning that is already occurring in classrooms. We advise next steps for school-based growth and change.



We scout and connect teachers that are already designing for deeper learning experiences and environments, creating across district electronic PLCs.

Alternate Assessment Pilot Assistance

We assist teachers in applying for the District’s Alternate Assessment Pilot, with which teachers can waive the requirement to upload Proficiency data in favor of a more authentic Demonstration of Learning.

Deeper Learning Resources

We are building an online bank of resources and models for deeper learning strategies and approaches, created by national, regional, and local JCPS teachers.

The FIRST Days of School 2017-2018 edition

Monthly #JCPSDL School Spotlight: The Binet School

The Binet School, nestled just next door to Seneca High School and Goldsmith Elementary, is the pinnacle of student engagement and innovation. The Binet School serves a diverse population of students who have a combination of disabilities that can result in significant learning, developmental, or behavioral problems. Principal Rhonda Hedges, along with certified teaching staff and classified staff have developed a highly engaging, collaborative, fully immersive reading curriculum for students K-12.

All students share common reading experiences as they delve into standards at their own grade level. Students learn deeply in reading class as they build settings from the text and analyze characters in comparative ways while teachers immerse students into the story. This work is extended and complemented in other disciplines, such as Science, where students build landforms such as volcanoes from the story, and grow vegetation the characters experience and eat.

September Suggested Reading

Creative Schools

by Dr. Ken Robinson

"Ken Robinson is one of the world’s most influential voices in education, and his 2006 TED Talk on the subject is the most viewed in the organization’s history. Now, the internationally recognized leader on creativity and human potential focuses on one of the most critical issues of our time: how to transform the nation’s troubled educational system. At a time when standardized testing businesses are raking in huge profits, when many schools are struggling, and students and educators everywhere are suffering under the strain, Robinson points the way forward. He argues for an end to our outmoded industrial educational system and proposes a highly personalized, organic approach that draws on today’s unprecedented technological and professional resources to engage all students, develop their love of learning, and enable them to face the real challenges of the twenty-first century. Filled with anecdotes, observations and recommendations from professionals on the front line of transformative education, case histories, and groundbreaking research—and written with Robinson’s trademark wit and engaging style—Creative Schools will inspire teachers, parents, and policy makers alike to rethink the real nature and purpose of education."

You can find it on AMAZON.