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There is no drug that RSV infection

There is no drug that RSV infection can be cured. The treatment is merely supportive to the body itself by producing antibodies infection overcome. It takes about 10 days.

Customzied Fat Loss - Among children treated at home, the parents should be well informed. It is a fact that the symptoms often increase during the first days of the disease, and the parents should have their child properly observe: how breathing evolves or deteriorates ... drinking

At home are aerosols administered with bronchodilator medications and should the cream frequently rinsed and cleaned. Never give cough syrup.
Good physiotherapy with aerosols and drainage can help the child to quickly be suck-free

Case of deterioration should be the child still included. Hospitalization occurs in severe distress (oxygen requirement or need for ventilation) and in infants with feeding problems. Exceptionally clinical antiviral agent revering administered using a nebulizer. Secondary bacterial infections are rare, so antibiotics are usually not indicated. Measures to prevent infection in high risk children:

• disposable tissues use

• Clean regularly toys for small children with a detergent

• had as many hands before your child takes it

• If possible, avoid contact with other children (crèches and child minders) shows a cold person not near your child come

• Avoid places where smoking is and do not smoke

• Take your child during the RSV season not crowded public places.

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