In the News with Stew's Crew

October 14, 2016

Thought you should know...

Recently, your child was assigned to their “Good Fit” reading group according to

his/her level of instruction needed. This means that he/she will be rotating to either Mrs. Billings, Mrs. McCloud, Mrs. Creech , or myself for an hour each day for Guided Reading instruction. Please know that we are working together as a team to ensure growth and achievement for all of our children.


September Student of the Month:

Caleb Pace

October Student of the Month:

Emily Urckfitz

Important Dates

October 21 -All Pro Dads Breakfast

October 24 -Firehouse Visit to PV

October 27 -Trunk or Treat 5-7pm

October 28 -Happy Birthday Leon

October 31 -No School, Teacher Workday

Nov. 1 -No School, Teacher Workday

Classroom Learning...

Reading - I used several stories to model how to identify the main idea and key details within nonfiction and fiction texts.

Writing - We're learning how to stretch our writing topics and include several details to make our stories better.

Math - Students practiced solving addition and subtraction problems using strategies such as counting on, counting back, making ten, & using doubles and/or fact families.

Science - Animal critters use "leaf litter" of the forest in many special ways.