Pulse and Ignite Youth Group!!

Grades 6-12

To get text updates: parents text @6kcdgh6 to 81010; youth text @clpyo to 81010

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Youth this Sunday! 1145-1pm

We will be collecting gifts for the angel tree, eating, playing games, and hanging out!

As of 11/30 we have some colored pencils, toiletries, and a blanket for the Angel Tree!

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We have an Instagram!!! Follow us @CLPyouth--you'll see a lot of Aimee talking and making a fool of herself! It's awesome--give us a follow. There's also informational stuff too, when things are happening etc.

Improving Communication

We will be using the remind app to communicate updates from youth group.

Youth: text @clpyo to 81010

Parents: text @6kcdgh6 to 81010

This will allow Aimee to send texts directly to you--this is not a group text, it's just texts from Aimee.

We painted our new youth room!

Meet your youth leaders!

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Aimee Wickersham

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mason Lamphier

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BEth and Steve Charney

pics to come!
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The Church at Litchfield Park

Pulse and Ignite youth groups aim to show the love of God through fellowship, mission work, and discipleship. All of our events focus on loving God and then turning that love outward to show God's love towards others. All youth in 6th-12th grade are welcome no matter your life circumstance--you are welcome here!