Regal Leader

Volume 59 - October 8, 2018

The Week Ahead

Yeah for Iowa Assessments! Your materials are in the conference room. Please note those who missed any of the tests. I will be scheduling make-ups as needed.

The conference volleyball tournament starts on Tuesday night. The conference cross country meet is Thursday night at Kickers Soccer Park.

The PSAT is Wednesday morning. Many 10th and 11th graders will be gone for this test.

We have a speaker on Thursday. The schedule is attached below. We also do not have intercession on Thursday to allow more time for the block classes. Also, I am gone for a workshop in Cedar Rapids on Thursday morning.

Run for the Schools is Sunday morning. This is a great fund raiser for Regina and an enjoyable time if you are able to participate in the run/walk.

Monday: PISA meeting @ 5:30

Wednesday: PSAT, Mass @ 2:15

Thursday: Speaker @ 9:00, ELL Module 1 @ 2:20

Sunday: Run for the Schools, Italy trip meeting @ 4:30

Have a wonderful week!

Morning Prayer This Week

Oct 8-Oct 12: Clement of Rome’s Great Prayer

We pray you, Master, be our help and protection.

Save the afflicted among us, have mercy on the lowly.

Raise up the fallen, show yourself to those in need.

Heal the sick and bring back those who have strayed.

Fill the hungry, give freedom to our prisoners.

Raise up the week, console the fainthearted.

Let all peoples acknowledge that you alone are God,

And Jesus Christ is your Child,

That we are your people, the sheep to whom you give pasture. Amen.

Mass on Wednesday

Mass starts at 2:15. Students should be dismissed to go the gym at 2:10. They should be quiet on their way to the gym.

Schedule for Speaker on Thursday

2nd pd 8:20-8:55

Speaker 9:00-10:00

2nd pd cont. 10:05-10:23

4th pd 10:28-11:20

The rest of the day follows the normal Thursday schedule.

Full Faculty Meeting on Thursday

We will be going over our 1st ELL Module. These 6 modules are mandatory for all teachers. Please be in the Media Center by 2:20.

YouTube Playlist

The link below is a YouTube playlist from EDU in 90. The videos focus on important topics in education. This includes using augmented reality, Google Arts & Culture, and Google Earth.