Your Invited To Kevin's Birthday!!!

Hope You Come!!!

By Ebony Kaczander 5th Hour 5/13/15

Come To His 13th Birthday Party.

Hi, Max, Gram, Grim, Kevin's turning 13 and you're all invited to his birthday party.

Birthday Party

Tuesday, June 9th, 4:30-9pm


Dinner we be there, and so will dessert.

What Everyone Would Wear

Max would wear his normal shirt. Gram would wear a flowered dress. Grim would wear a checkered shirt. Gwen would wear jeans and a nice shirt. Freak would wear a science shirt (a shirt with science words on it).

What Foods

We will grill hamburgers for dinner and have lemonade. For dessert I would make cake. In this part of the story Kevin's birthday is 2 days after school is out. So that would be around June 9. People grill out a lot in the summer and when it's warm. Since it's Kevin's birthday then I would have cake.

What we will be doing

We will be having a campfire. Also we will be roasting marshmallows. Another thing will be playing is a board game. We will be playing a game of scramble ( A game where you find certain words for a certain letter). We will also be roasting marshmallows. Since it's summer then they would have a campfire.

Hope You Come!!!