How are legos made.


plastic used on legos.

  • ''ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) for most regular bricks
  • PC (polycarbonate) for transparent bricks, as ABS can't be made transparent. Polycarbonate parts on the other hand have too much friction when in contact with other polycarbonate parts, making them extremely hard to disassemble. LEGO designers are forbidden to have some PC parts put together in models.
  • Rubber for tires and rubbery things - that's kinda obvious
  • A less sturdy plastic (can't remember the name) for parts which are more subject to being bent, for example studless technic beams.''

why are legos so expensive.

''Lego bricks and minifigures (to use the official term for the tiny yellow mannequins that represent humanity in the world of Lego toys) are made by the LEGO Group, a privately held company headquartered in Billund, Denmark. Founded in 1932 by a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen, the LEGO Group "has passed from father to son and is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder," according to the company website. Despite being private and family-controlled, the LEGO Group is the third-largest toy manufacturer by sales, behind Mattel (MAT) and Hasbro (HAS) and ahead of Japanese giants Bandai-Namco and Takara Tomy.''

WHY are legos yellow

All original LEGO themes have yellow minifigs to avoid racial discrimination based on skin color. Licensed themes minifigs from before 2004 also had yellow skin. But since the minfigs from licensed themes are designed to portray real-life actors/characters LEGO has decided to render them in "realistic" flesh colors.

why were legos made

In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen, master carpenter and joiner in the village of Billund, Denmark, sets up business. His firm manufactures stepladders, ironing boards - and wooden toys. In 1934 the company and its products now take on the name LEGO, which is formed from the Danish words "LEgGOdt" ("play well"). In 1947 the LEGO company is Denmark's first to buy a plastic injection-molding machine for making toys. In 1949 the company produces about 200 different plastic and wooden toys, including Automatic Binding Bricks, a forerunner of the LEGO bricks we know today

who is the owner of lego

The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The company has passed from father to son and is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder.

why are legos popular

“Lego is a lot more than a toy – it’s a creative expression. We see a lot of adults hugely engaged with it. With Lego you can make the most amazing things — things you’d never imagine


What lego people look like.