Gene Therapy

by Jazzmin Glass

What is it?

Gene therapy is the process of changing a gene to treat a medical disease or disorder.


The following are steps that are used to make gene therapy happen:

1.) Cells are removed from the patient

2.) Inside the lab the virus is altered so it can't reproduce

3.) The gene is inserted into the virus

4.) Altered virus is mixed with cells from the patient

5.) cells from the patient become genetically altered

6.) The cells are then put back into the patient and scientist hope they reproduce normal proteins

Vectors are viruses that carry modified cells back into a persons body.

Disorders that can be fixed with gene therapy

Attempts with disorders


The following are risk associated with gene therapy: possibly causing a tumor, unwanted immune system reactions, targeting the wrong cells, and treating it by giving the patient a disease.
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Why choose gene therapy?

For many patients getting gene therapy is there last option. For example, in the video we watched in class the cancer patients that received gene therapy through the polio disease were in the final stages of their cancer and had no other options.
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New cures???

Scientist are also trying with other cancers such as pancreatic, lung, and breast. They are trying to find genes to cure blindness. Diseases like cystitis fibrosis and the "bubble boy" disease are a working progress.