Baylee McLellan

Dental Hygienist

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Baylee McLellan and my skills are- tumbling, cheering, and drawing.

My interests are drawing and cooking. My values are my family my religon and my friends. I learn the best by seeing things done. Self-esteem is something I definitely need more of.

When deciding on a career, I feel it is important to pick something that interest you so you will try to be your best at that job and continue to get better at it.

Where Am I Going

My Career as a Dental Hygienist.

Job Description
Dental hygienists clean patients' teeth and examine them for signs of disease and damage. They teach patients how to maintain good oral health.

On a typical day a dental hygienist may:

  • perform dental cleanings to remove hard and soft deposits on teeth
  • take dental x-rays
  • develop x-rays
  • keep patients' records in order to track care and treatment
  • teach patients how to take care of their teeth so that they can maintain good oral health
  • prepare diagnostic tests that dentists will administer
  • assist the dentist by working chair-side
  • apply sealants and fluoride to patients' teeth

Median Salary
Dental hygienists earned a median annual salary of $69,280 and median hourly wages of $33.31 in 2011.

Job Outlook
The future for dental hygienists looks bright. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment in this field will grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2020.

Health Science

Work Schedule
Most work part-time with only about only 38% working full time. Some work in multiple dental practices.

Work Environment
They generally work in dentists' offices under their supervision.

Something interesting about being a Dental Hygienist.
One must have the stamina necessary to spend a lot of time bending over while treating patients.

How Do I Get There?

College to Attend
I would like to attend the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith.

Why this college?
The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith offers a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. This college is about 15 miles from home. It would be very close and convenient.

Degree need for this career?

To work as a dental hygienist one must graduate from an accredited dental hygiene school with either an associate degree (most common), a certificate, a bachelor's degree or a master's degree.

Tuition cost to attend UAFS

Full-Time Tuition and Fees
For One Year (30 Hours)

In-State $3,990 ($133 x 30 hours)

Mandatory Fees $1,634.50

Total $5,624.50


Freshman Merit Scholarships

By virtue of the Application for Admission, at least a six semester high school transcript, and official ACT/SAT scores, new freshman will be considered for the awards listed below contingent upon available funding. Merit scholarship recipients must meet all University requirements for admission and are required to maintain full-time status while receiving any of the scholarships listed below. Eligibility can be determined by using the Freshman Scholarship Calculator.

The scores below can vary, so these are the averages needed to receive these scholarships.

Academic Distinction Scholarship of Prestige

$4,500 per year for tuition/fees + a $2,000 optional housing allowance

Average ACT score of 27 Average GPA of 3.87

Academic Excellence Scholarship

$3,500 per year for tuition/fees + a $500 optional housing allowance

Average ACT score of 24 Average GPA of 3.51

Academic Opportunity Scholarship

$1,500 per year for tuition/fees

Average ACT score of 21 Average GPA of 3.21


Chancellor's Leadership Council (CLC)

-over $35,000 over 4 years-

$5,500 per academic year for four years for tuition and fees, two year's housing in a triple suite in the Residence Hall, a meal plan for two years (160 per semester + $250 Lions Cash)

25+ composite ACT score, 3.25 cumulative GPA, plus demonstration of strong leadership and academic performance. Must be seeking a Bachelor's degree