Recreation by: Makaila McQuarn

A Recreation of Sophocles' Antigone

Come one and come all to a magnificent recreation of the amazing playwright Sophocles' "Antigone". Antigone is a Greek tragedy created by one of the first writers of Greek tragedies. Antigone is about a damned woman named Antigone, who's mother and father are actually mother and son. Soon after the mother finds out, she then proceeds to kill herself, while her father gouges his eyes out and goes off and dies somewhere. Then both of her brothers die in a power struggle, and one is refused burial. She believes you cannot defy the gods and thus her adventure begins to bury her dead brother...


" Two thumbs up!"~ Alexander the Great

" One of my favorites of all time."~ Medius

"Could use more blood, but great tragedy"~Hypereides

Date and Time to See the Tragedy?

Friday, April 6th 323 at 8:30pm