Space race

Soviet Union vs. The United States

Cold war

The Space Race paralleled the Cold war because instead of competing for nuclear weapons we competed for satellites and spacecrafts, and eventually, let go of our feud.

Who's in the lead?

The Soviet Union beat the U.S. to quite a few accomplishments, putting them in the lead, and with each new accomplishment, they got farther ahead of the U.S.'s space attempts. But after the Soviet Union had gotten people and satellites into space, the U.S. made the biggest leap in 1969 by Landing on the moon. The Soviet Union tried also landing

Sputnik, first man-made object in space

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After The Soviets were getting farther and farther into the lead, the U.S. sped up the process of the moon landing in order to follow Kennedy's vision and be in the lead ahead of the soviets.

Apollo 11, the first spacecraft on the moon

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