by James Vrenick

Aztec Definition

The Aztecs are the a cilvilization that lived in Meso America. They are people who had a great empire. They also centerd on the valley of Mexico.
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Where Aztecs live.

The Aztecs live in MesoAmerica. Countries that the Aztecs are south of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Honduras. And the capital city that the Aztecs is Tenochtitlan which today we call it Mexico city.
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The Aztecs religion.

The Aztecs are a type of culture that beleave in gods. The made sacrifices to the sun god and they thought if they did not do sacrifices then the sun will not rise tomorrow. They have religious festival which are held according to the Aztecs calender.
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Aztec Economy.

Aztecs Economy consisted of a type of barter system which was a pre-capitalist society. A minor purchases for the Aztecs are cocao beans that imported from lowlands. For example in the maket place a small rabbit might be worth 30 beans or an egg might be worth 3 beans and clothes might be worth up 65 to 300 cocao beans.
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Aztec civilization

The people that were Aztecs were certain ethnic groups of central Mexico. Some of the people spoke the Nahuatl language. And this civilization lives in Tenochtitlan which today is called Mexico city.
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Aztec classes

Aztecs are split into four groups one of them are Nobles which has the highest power. Another one is the Commoners and they are majority of the population and they were mostly farmers. The third class is the Serfs which worked land for the Nobles. The last group is slaves and they do jobs and don't get payed and are captured.

Aztec language

The Aztec language is Nahuatl or sometimes it is spanish. There are 1.5 million people that speak Nahuati. The Aztecs were also indroduced to the Latin Alphabet.
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Aztecs Achievements.

One of the Aztecs most greatest Achievements are their calender. Another one of their Achievements is building all of their temples without using wheels of iron tools because the Aztecs did not have them back then. They also invented popcorn, chocloate and chewing gum.
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Aztec Video

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