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This week the scholars are learning how to truly analyze data after conducting an experiment to see how our hypothesis could be tested differently. This week has brought other discoveries in our writing as we learn that revision can be one of the most powerful steps that we do in the writing process. Ask your child how they revised their flash draft and which flash draft they liked better?! Furthermore, we are learning that in life, we are the CHARACTERS in our own book of life. Just as we read about characters in a book, others are reading about us. We have our own character traits and we have theories that can be developed about us, based on our actions, interactions, and motivations. As the characters in a book evolve so do we!! Stay tuned and watch where our learning takes us and where we evolve to next!!


Reading- "Unit 1 Agency and Independence" Next week we will be taking our thinking about characters even deeper as we investigate how and why our characters are changing throughout the story. This will lead us to question every person, setting, and situation that the character comes in contact with. In addition we will determine important parts of a text and the connection between events.

Writing- Unit 1 "Narrative Writing" We are in Bend II of our writing where our flash drafts have been written and revised. Each day we will focus on a particular part of our writing as we look to craft a piece that elaborates on the important pieces and leaves the reader wanting more. We will be adding scenes to our writing and learning how to flashback and flash forward when needed. Our endings will be created to show our realization of the event and to leave the reader thinking deeply.

Math- Unit 1 "Place Value" While this week lead us to discover place value, comparing numbers, rounding, and estimating, next week will lead us to further deep that understanding. Furthermore, we are constantly integrating skills that they should already know, skills that they will be learning in depth, as well as word problems that challenge them but inspire them, as they realize there's not a problem they can't handle.

Science- We are wrapping up or understanding of the scientific method and realizing that there is so much more to science than we ever imagined. Science is thinking, questioning, math, reading, writing, and social studies at time. It is the power punch all in one and they can't get enough of it! We will be having a Scientific Method test next Friday, September 11.

Spelling- We will continue to investigate words, their meanings, their synonyms, their antonyms, use them in figurative language, and think about them in ways never thought before. We will have our first test on September 11.




The students had to conduct research determine whether or not soap would float and if so which one would be most possible to do so Through their research they got to investigate soaps' density, the soaps' ingredients, the soaps' texture and composition, as well as read articles which uncovered clues. This process lead them to a hypothesis with which we can test. The results are in.......IVORY SOAP DOES FLOAT....and it all happened by accident! Ask your scientist to uncover how ivory soap was created by accident:)


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In the book “Penny From Heaven” by Jennifer L. Holm I believe Penny has had a confusing life, and wants to know more about it, but struggles to learn about her family history. When Penny was just a baby her dad died. Penny’s mom struggled to take care of a newborn baby and herself alone. Not long after Penny’s dad died, Penny’s grandparents, Me-Me and Pop-Pop moved in too help out around the house. Quickly after Me-Me and Pop-Pop moved in, things around the house improved. As Penny got older she noticed many interesting things about her family. She noticed that the two sides of her family don’t get along anymore. The two sides of the family don’t talk, and Penny believes that they haven’t actually had a conversation since Penny’s dad died. Elizabeth (Penny’s mom) started seeing the milkman, Mr. Mulligan later in the story. This made Penny furious. Suddenly, she couldn’t hold it in and yelled out in anger. That caused Penny and Elizabeth to create a huge fight. This impacted life around the house, until the problem got solved. Later, in the the story Penny’s birthday came. She got tickets to the baseball game from her uncle on her dad’s side of the family. She raced home to ask if she could go to the ball game. Penny arrived at her house, when Me-Me, Pop-Pop, and Elizabeth were setting up Penny’s surprise party. Elizabeth told Penny to act surprised when she saw it all set up, and they agreed. After they had discussed the ballgame, Elizabeth decided to let Penny go because it was her birthday, but was upset that Penny would rather spend time at the ball game than with her.

In the story Penny from Heaven I think Penny is confused about her mom’s relationship. I think this because in the text Penny’s mom started dating the milk man, Mr. Mulligan, and that bothers Penny. It also hurts Penny too think about her mom with another man. I also think this because, one time in the story Mr. Mulligan came over, Elizabeth took off her engagement ring and took down all the pictures with Penny’s dad. I believe this really scares Penny, and she thinks Elizabeth doesn't love Penny’s dad anymore. This makes me understand the story better by, having me think deeper about how Penny is feeling and why she feels that way.

Another theory I have from this book is, I believe that Penny is appreciative of her family but at the same time she is confused on why they keep their family history a secrete. I think this because in the story Penny is glad that her family wants to comfort her the best they can. I believe they want to comfort her because they feel bad for her dad dying. I also think this because in the story all of her family members tell her different things about how her dad died. Penny’s beginning to question how her dad died and who she should believe. This make me understand the story better by making me really think about what's going on. It also makes me put myself in Penny’s shoes, and not only think like her but really feel what she feels.

To sum up my thoughts, I believe that this story really teaches me important things about how to really understand your character. The author put sections in the book where you really are able to think about the character. They also set clues in the story to help you understand the story better. For example, in the text Penny really expressed her feelings. That made me think about how she feels, why she feels that, and it also helped me relate to the story which made me understand the story even better. This story teaches me that if you really think deep something magic will happen. For example me looking deep really helped me understand the story better and catch things I wouldn’t have caught before. I believe Penny will also look deep at her family history and find things that she would of never caught before. That to me is magic.