Virtual Reality

What is virtual reality?

Computer-generated simulation of three-dimensional images or environments. You can also interacted with these images and environments and they seems real.

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What senses does virtual reality stimulate?

Virtual reality stimulates sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Virtual reality stimulates all five senses to give the most real experience possible.

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What special equipment do you need for virtual reality?

You need a virtual reality headset that can stimulate all five senses. In some cases stimulating gloves are required.

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Would video games be more exciting with virtual reality?

Yes, virtual reality does make gaming more exciting. It gives gamers a more in depth and realistic play making it more exciting and enticing.

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Describe some useful purposes for virtual reality besides gaming?

Virtual reality could be used in military training, education, entertainment, and almost any area of social life. There are really no limit to the advancement virtual reality can give us.

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