1B Update #14

June 3, 2015

What is happening in 1B!

June is here! Somehow the end of the year is upon us. We've begun our final units and are starting to plan our final projects. Check out below to find out what we are working on in each subject area and some other fun events that have happened.

Reading & Writing

For our last unit -- poetry -- we are linking our reading and writing units so shortly after we work on reading comprehension through poetry we are discussing the structure of poems in writing. During reading, we are identifying what defines a piece of writing as poem and how it differs from other genres. We are working on making connections to the poem and visualizing by making mental images to better understand the author’s message. A way to support us at home is to write a poem together. Try a 5 Senses poem where you can use the following sentence starters to create a poem about a topic (e.g. Summer at the park, block parties, etc.)

I hear…

I see…

I smell…

I feel…

I taste…


This last term, math has gotten more exciting for our first graders. We learned how to tell time by the hour and half hour on a digital and analog clock. We have also been working on counting money. 1B learned the value of a quarter, dime, nickel and penny. They also learned how to combine coins together by making different combinations and solving them. 1B was able to make the connection that adding money is similar to adding number problems during math. A way to support your children is by having them practice telling time at home. You can have them read the clocks at home or even create a schedule for themselves by writing out the times.

Whacky Times in Music Class!

1B students are finishing off this melodious year in music by creating their own individual and group music using Boomwhackers! A member of the percussion family, each Boomwhacker tube is tuned to play a specific note on the C-scale. Students can place special "Octavator" caps on the Boomwhacker to create higher or lower octaves. Students learned how multiple notes come together to form chords as they played along to catchy tunes such as "Don't Worry, Be Happy".

Working together, students learned to sight read music and perform as an ensemble by playing musical "videogames"; decoding "mystery" sheet music, composing original songs and performing those songs as a group.

Big image
1B Decodes Mystery Music with Boomwhackers

Brooklyn Grange Field Trip

We visited the Brooklyn Grange -- a farm on top of a rooftop in Brooklyn -- this week to learn more about honeybees. We learned how honey is made, the different types of bees you can find a hive, and how bees are important to us.

Important Notes

Math Olympics: Australia - The Great Barrier Reef

Next Friday, we land in Australia and will be swimming through The Great Barrier Reef! Continue to have your students solve those math problems and bring them to class. This is a great opportunity to have use work on quick math facts, such as doubling numbers or combining two-digit numbers by first adding the tens then the ones.

Dance With Ms. Siby

First graders are preparing for our BPCS Olympic Opening Ceremony by learning to dance, sing and play instruments in a traditional Brazilian dance-martial art hybrid, Maculele. They are learning the roots and origins of the dance, which was initially performed with machetes and fire! No need to worry, we will be dancing with rhythm sticks! Please feel free to play our Maculele song at home, so your young dancer can practice. Before playing the song, you may ask them to sing the introduction and show the three rhythm stick positions. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, June 22nd from 11:30am-12:30pm for our Opening Ceremony!

¡Y En Español!

Grade One is moving forward and fast en Español!! As part of our IB Unit Celebraciones, students celebrated birthdays (cumpleaños) and weddings (bodas) in Spanish class. We played Pin the Tale on the Donkey — moving izquierda, derecha adelante and atrás! What fun! Additionally, we made money in Español to throw it in a pretend wedding. Unlike typical Caribbean and Nigerian weddings, first-grade guests collected the money to throw over and over again. How sweet!

This week 1B began PODs in Spanish! ¡Sí, en español! It has been delightful to see your students growing and accepting the Spanish language in different and challenging ways. They are great Risk Takers! During our PODs, 1B students moved through fifteen minutes stations including reading, pronunciation, Zingo, and Twister. We are practicing our writing in Spanish too! ¡Muy bien 1B!

Please check out our pictures below and practice our new songs at home!