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Weekly Update Week of September 19

Grade 5 M - Stoy School

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 22 -
  • Pass, Punt, and Kick (3- 4 PM)

Friday, September 23 -

  • Spelling Assessment on Personal List #1 (Students should know how to spell their personal words and be able to sort and categorize their words and Lesson 1 words according to spelling principle (short vowel sounds)
  • School Store (3PM)

Monday, September 26 -

  • Math Test Unit 1 (prime, composite and square numbers, exponents, prime factorization, math facts, basic computation)

Tuesday, September 27 -

  • Tentative Date - Science quiz on Landforms (Investigation #1) The kids have notes and vocabulary in the science section of their binder
  • MUM sale and pickup

Thursday, September 29

  • Student Council Stoy Spirit Day and Pretzel Sale

Seesaw Information- PLEASE READ!

We are trying to work the details out regarding parent notification and sharing. You can change the frequency and type of notifications by clicking on NOTIFICATIONS and then choosing SETTINGS (in the top right hand corner). Once you do that you can choose EMAIL and decide between - ALL, ONCE PER DAY, or NEVER. You can repeat those choices for PUSH notifications as well.

You may also want to TOGGLE OFF the Tips, Tricks, and Seesaw Updates.

Also, please be aware that we may add assignments for your child to complete later on in the day that will appear in your child's journal. Please wait until your child receives directions from me until you like it or comment. Your child will be copying and creating their own personalized copy to complete. This copy will be the item you can like or comment on. (Comments or likes will need to be approved by me before they are visible.)

Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks! If you need assistance, I would be happy to walk you through the steps to limit notifications. Just ask to meet before or after school for a few minutes.

iPads and Chargers

Please make sure your child brings in his or her charger for their iPad by Friday. We will be keeping them at school for awhile, at least on the weekends. I will notify parents if they will be coming home to complete an assignment.

Thanks for your cooperation! We want to do some lessons on digital citizenship and stress the fact that these iPads are learning tools, not personal gaming devices. There are so many ways we will integrate iPad use into our curriculum in a positive and creative way. We just want to make sure everyone understands the guidelines and rules before we unleash them to the masses.

5Marvelous Moments

Each week a student or student(s) will be sharing class news and photos in our Weekly Update. This past week Rayna and Nick captured some moments and activities from Class 5M.
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Read aloud! by Rayna Farr

In 5m we are doing Read Aloud after lunch. It's a good way to relax and get ready for the other half of school. We are reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School. We love it because it's funny and weird and that's what makes it fun.