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Hazelwood Elementary School



Come grab a warm waffle cone and support the Hazelwood Elementary School PTO at Jack the Dipper!

10% of all sales at the Waynesville Jack the Dipper location on Monday, September 12 will be donated to our PTO fund to support our teachers and staff throughout the school year.

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School Safety

  • We have another Safety Meeting this week with WPD to ensure our plans and drills are up-to-date, efficient, and effective.
  • Thank you to our families for staying in the car line and to our teachers for working hard to open doors efficiently each morning. This has directly aided the car line in settling down to a safe length and pace.


Please continue to encourage your student to remember they have the opportunity to earn positive behavior stickers in the following ways:


  • Excellent Behavior in Art, Counseling, Media Center, Music & PE.

  • Excellent Behavior Recognized during Class, Lunch, or in the Hallway by other Teachers.


  • No Tardies to Class for an entire Week. Students are in Class and Ready To Go when the 8:00 bell rings. (M-F)

  • No Absences for Ten Days

  • Anyone with Perfect Attendance for an entire 9 -week period earns a star for their class.


  • When the Principal or Assistant Principal catches a class with excellent behavior or performance, they may give the class a bone to add to their sticker count.

At the end of each 9-week period, the class with the most stickers will be rewarded with a special surprise!

**1st 9 Week Period ends on the 21st of October**

Hazelwood Spotlights: 5th Grade Teacher - Mandy Williamson

Background Info:

I am originally from a little town outside of Charlotte, NC. I went to WCU. My husband, Travis, is from Haywood County and we have two sons. Boone is 17 yrs old and a senior at Tuscola and Cooper is 15 yrs old and a sophomore there as well. They both play football and wrestle for THS. They keep us busy!

What made you go into education?

Most of the members of my family were in education. I have several teachers, a principal, a guidance counselor, school nurse, and a school secretary in my immediate family. It is what I grew up knowing about and loving so it was an easy decision. I worked at a daycare and summer care center throughout high school and college. I have always known that being a teacher is what I wanted to do, except in 4th grade when I really wanted to work at the post office and deliver and sort the mail.

Did you have a teacher who made an impact on you as a student?

My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Rose, greatly impacted me. You could not get anything by Mrs. Rose because she had seen it all and stopped it before it happened. She loved every one of her students and made everyone feel safe. She made me want to teach 5th grade.

If you were stranded in an island teaching, what are the top five items you must have?

1. Chick-fil-A Sweet Tea (it gets me through the day)

2. My sunglasses (a playground most)

3. My document camera (a teaching must)

4. My pens

5. A good read aloud book favorite part of the day.

School Improvement: Project Based Learning in 5th Grade

Our Fifth Grade Teachers wasted no time this school year, as they begin the year with immediate and strong Science instruction. After a rigorous two-week unit on the water cycle, fifth grade students were asked to show their understanding through a water cycle project. Project based learning is a powerful opportunity for students to show their understanding, teachers to assess student learning in multiple ways, and parent involvement. Teachers created a student centered project rubric. Teachers and students will use the rubric to reflect on understanding, project expectations, and all around efforts.

Upcoming Dates

  • September 12 - HES PTO Ice Cream Night
  • September 21 - 1st-5th Grade Progress Reports Go Home
  • September 21 - Bible Club Begins - Look for Sign-up Sheets in Student Folders
  • October 5-9 - Haywood County Fair
  • October 10 - School-wide Vision Screenings
  • October 20 and 21 - Annual Bike Rodeo in P.E. Class
  • October 25 - THS Band Tour at HES