Tour of Africa

by Erica Garrison


Madagascar is a lowland costal strip, it has lagoons along the eastern cost. Madagascar is also the 4th largest island and is made up of highland plateau Situated off the southeast coast of Africa.
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Red Sea

Redsea is a long and narrow strip between africa and arabian sea. Redsea linked with the indian ocean. The summer water tempertures often exceed 85 farenheit between them sits the sinai peninsula.
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Sahara Desert

The Sahara Deaert 3500,000 square miles extending from alntic ocean to redsea. Regions of plateaus covers 15% of sahara. Gravel covers constantly blow from the north east.
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Atlas mountains

The Atlas mountains1500 miles from south west morocco. Through algeria slops faceing north well watered mountians our rich in coal iron an oil.
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