Coaching Corner

April 11, 2016

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Science News

I have a new wonderful science resource available in the professional library in my room. What's Your Evidence? is a great read for Claims, Evidence & Reasoning.
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Cluster 7 for K-2 is now available in eduphoria forethought!

Summer Reading List

The secondary ELAR coordinators wanted to share a digital copy of the FISD Summer Reading Lists. Fifth grade received paper copies of this list.

Learning New Things

We just recently received several copies of How's it Going? by Carl Anderson. Audrey Bragg referred to this book when she was here for the writing conference PD. I have started reading this book, and I'm already so enthralled by it. If you are interested in learning more about writing conferences by reading this book then let me know. I'd love to start a book club where we could all learn together! I have 4 more copies (I think one may have walked if you grabbed it, please let me know, so I can check it out to you).

In chapter 1, he discusses how we sometimes have the tendency to take control over a student's writing and insert our own expertise rather than helping them become better writers by teaching them strategies. I loved this quote: "A teacher fixing up students' drafts no more helps them grow than a coach standing in for players in a basketball game helps those players improve." He talks about how we have to learn to bite our tongues! We have to "help students become better writers by teaching them to be reflective about their writing."

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