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Parrot in the Oven

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Who is this person?

Victor Martinez is a author. He was a Mexican/American poet and author. He was born on February 21st at Fresno, California. He was born into a family that were immigrant farmers. He the 4th oldest of 12 siblings. Victor Martinez died on February 18, 2011. He died 3 days before his 57th birthday.

What is important to know about this person?

Victor Martinez two awards they were National Book Award for Young Peopleś Literature and the Pura Belpre Award for Writing. He had written 6 books. He was nominated for the ADG Excellence in Production Design Award- Fantasy Film.

Where does this person live?

This person used to live in Fresno, California. He used to live there before he passed away.

When did this person write?

As a child Martinez was the only on of his brothers and sisters who had his own room. There he would take out his typewriter. He used to write Poetry. So one day he just decided to start writing fiction.

Why is this person successful as a writer?

Victor Martinez was a successful writer because he wrote a variety of books. and even got an award for one of his books.

Victor L. Martinez

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