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Your Impact On Others

Anthropology professors study the social, cultural, and physical relationships between humans, and the way that they make sense of the world around them, then teach that information to their students. You will be an anthropologist, however, you will also get to teach the field of anthropology to your students in lecture. You will get to conduct research and do fieldwork or go on digs to obtain more insight about the individuals that you are studying, and may even get to bring students along with you on those digs.

What You Do

In addition to all of the things mentioned in regard to your impact on others, you will have many other responsibilities as a Professor of Anthropology. You will have to construct a plan for your class outlined in a syllabus for your students, plan lessons and assignments, grade the work of your students, and advise your students about the path to take to achieve their individual goals. You will also have to stay up to date on changes in the field of anthropology and may even publish your research in books and academic journals.

Your Work Enviornment

Most professors work in colleges, universities, professional schools, or junior colleges. However, you could also find work in technical or trade schools, business schools, computer and management training facilities, or hospitals. You will also be doing fieldwork, therefore wherever your research takes you will also impact your work environment.

How You Can Become One

You will most likely need a doctoral degree in your field in order to be hired as a professor of Anthropology, though some schools may hire you with a master's degree. These schools are mainly two-year colleges and career and technical schools. Depending on the school you wish to work at, they may be looking for you to have experience in researching and fieldwork, or some experience teaching. You will need to possess good communication skill, critical thinking skills, writing skills, and be resourceful.

Your Pay

The median wage salary for college professors in May 2012 was $68,970. As an Anthropology Professor, you may be able to expect slightly higher wages than this, as the median wage salary for Anthropology and Archaeology Professors in May 2012 was $76,020.

Your Job Outlook

Between 2012 and 2022, employment for professors as a whole is projected to grow 19 percent. The career field for Anthropology and Archaeology Professors between the years 2012 and 2022 is expected to grow 12 percent. Both of these projections are faster than average for all occupations.
Career as an Anthropologist


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