A Leadership System of Practice

Cathy Klocek

Background Information on Newington Forest

- Newington Forest in an Elementary School in Springfield Virginia

- Serves about 640 students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

- We have approzimately 80 staff members

- In regards to personnel that would be considered important in regards to leadership and technology, we have a Principal, an Assitant Principal, an Instructional Coach, a tech savy librarian, a School Based Technology Specialist (SBTS), and an IT person (who's purpose is to fix broken equipment).

- We will be renovated in 2016-2017 which will provide us with a budget for new technology. We have a renovation committee which consists of the Admin team, Instructional Coach, the counselor, the SBTS, the PTA president, one upper grade teacher, and one lower grade teacher.

-As of right now, the renovation committee has met once this year. We made a wish list of technology items we would like but have received no feedback regarding the budget. No information regarding the renovation has been communicated to the staff at this time. Therefore the opinions of the needed technology is based on the people who are on the renovation committee.

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Status of Current Leadership Practices for Technology

As shown in the chart above, our school is overwhelmingly emergent within the emerging category based on the School Technology Leadership Assessment (STLA).

The first category on the STLA is Setting Directions. Within this domain, Newington Forest received an emergering rating which shows that we are lacking a clearly deined premise and vision. We also lack communication of the vision itself. There is one category in the Setting Directions domain that received a score of proficient which was Identifying Shared and Specific Short Term Goals Aligned with the larger vision. I believe that this category received a proficient score due to our Collaborative (CT) meetings which are deeply embeded in our culture. At our CT meetings, individual grade levels create and evaluate quartly goals.

The second category on the STLA encompasses building relationships and developing the people. The first two categories, collaborating with individual staff members (2.1) and building capacity within staff members (2.2) received an emerging rating which displays our lack of capacity building amongst the school. The third category, modeling the school's values (2.3), however received a proficient score which demonstrates that we do hold the same values school wide.

The third category on the STLA displays the school's organizational development. Newington Forest received an emerging rating in this category across the board. This reflects the teacher's frustration with the overall vision. Without an overarching vision, we lack the uniformity in which manner to proceed and the goal(s) we are striving to reach.

Analysis of Current Embeded Practices

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What is Good/Lacking Regarding Current Practices?


- Basic foundations for routines in place for leadership

- Regularly scheduled Collaborative Team (CT) meetings

- Quarterly Goal Setting Sessions to assess data

- We all want technology and enjoy getting new technology


- School wide vision(s) and expectations

- Regular administrative feedback

- Opportunities for staff to build their capacity

- How are we going to spend our budget for technology? What is it that we need in regards to technology?


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The recomendations and new protocals represented above should promote leadership, build capacity, and incorporate relection and feedback into our current system of practice. With these new routines in place, Newington Forest can work together towards a common goal. Through our school wide collaboration we can incorporate regular communication, observation, and feedback between leaders and staff members. Regular communication and feedback will allow us an outlet to discuss and assess our technology needs. This will help direct us with our upcoming renovation.