By: Abigael Villafuerte


Around the world many people face tragedies, but that doesn't stop them! People persevere by continuing their dreams & goals. They never give up and never stop doing what they love. In this article you will read about real people who persevered.

Character: Oyuna "I Rode A Horse Of Milk White Jade"

The character Oyuna has a crippled foot because. When she was a baby a horse stepped on her foot. She goes on a journey to bring back luck to her family. She faces many adventures. Especially with her injury and the memory of her mother and grandmother passing away. The adventures Oyuna faced was, travelling to a cave, the arrow station, Khan's palace, and the horse race.

Jackie Robinson "The Noble Expierment

Jackie Robinson was not accepted because of his skin. Jackie started getting upset and wished to be white. However, he persevered by never giving up, he proved that African-Americans can be good at sports too. So Jackie kept on practicing and showing people how good he was. One day, Jackie faced his dream when he became the first African-American in the major leagues.