Kindergarten News ACES

Week Of November 13th

Highlights From Last Week....

Thank you to all the Veteran's who have risked your life for our freedom!! We really appreciate it!

We had a crazy week of learning!

In Reader's Workshop, we continued to look at the picture AND the first letter of the word to see if it makes sense! We also worked on raising our level of talk with one another. We focused on listening to each other and building our conversation on what our partner said.

In Math, we began our new unit on shapes. We are learning what the names of the shapes are and what makes the shape that shape. For example, a triangle is a flat shape that has 3 sides and 3 vertices.

In Phonics, we practiced letter sounds and learned the sight words "play" and "to", please practice these words at home. Our letters of the week were "L", "H" and "K".

In Science, we started our unit on motion by taking a pre-assessment.

In Social Studies, we focused on Veteran's Day and why it is so important.

A peek at our learning this week...

This will be a very productive week of learning.

In Reader's Workshop, we are going to continue to look at the picture AND the first letter of the word to see if it makes sense! We are going to try to increase our stamina We will continue to practice our other strategies as well: looking at the picture while we read, trading out books, practicing turning and talking.

In Writer's Workshop, we are focusing on responses to the text we have read. We will focus on _____________________.

In Math, we will continue our unit on shapes. We are learning what the shapes are and what characteristics make them what shape. For instance, a triangle has three sides and three vertices. We will learn about solid shapes this week.

In Phonics, we will be practicing letter sounds and learning the sight words "on" and "in". Our letters will be "v" and "w".

We will focus on pushing and pulling this week.

More information...


Please practice letters and sounds with your child nightly! Thank you!


Great job reading with your child!


We are now just eating one snack per day, so there is no need to pack two snacks! Thank you!

Notes from Mrs. Maillet

Book orders were placed. Thank you for your support!

I will be sending home new sight words this week. Please practice with your child nightly. I am also going to be assessing your child this week on their reading level and will start sending home a book each week at their level. This will start next week. Please read these books nightly to increase fluency.

Notes from Miss Driscoll

We had another amazing week of learning. Please continue practicing letter cards, sight words, and number cards at home. I can see the difference it makes with so many of your children. Another fun way to practice our new unit of shapes is by searching around your house for different shapes. We do this in the classroom and the children absolutely love finding “real world” shapes.

Please, please, please try to send in a change of clothes for the colder months in case of accidents or spills at lunch. Last week I sent home the clothes that were brought in at the beginning of the year, unless the clothes were usable for the winter months. Thank you!

If you are willing or able we are in great NEED of tissues and paper towels!!

Notes from Mrs. Goldthwaite

We are setting the common language of thumbs up or down when we are sharing during our math talks. We started this week and we are rocking it. This is to help us agree or disagree with our friends with not much conversation about nothing. At times Mrs. G has asked" why do you think that"? It is a great share out.

Be sure to have your child's clothing labeled. We all ready have a large amount of lost clothing.

I sent in the book orders. If you did not get a chance this time. I will do another one at the start of December. We also have a book exchange for our Holiday gathering.

We are learning about pushes and pulls. This is so much fun.

I hope you take time to thank a Veteran.

Notes from Mrs. Potter

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend off in honor of Veteran's Day! The class was very interested to learn about this important day and share stories of loved ones who have served for our country!

The book order has been placed! Hopefully our new books will be in soon! :)

Please remember that picture retakes will be on Wednesday, the 15th, if you are interested in having your child's picture taken again!

Notes from Mrs. Marcoux

Thank your for the book orders, the books should be in this week!

We are still hoping for more Clorox wipes, there are a lot of nasty viruses going around right now!

Thank your for your continued support in letter work, reading and sight words. I can see the difference every day in your children's work!

In math we will continue learning about shapes. In science we will delve into push and pull.

Have a great week!

Thank you for all that you do!!! Keep up the great work!!