Oil Spills

Oil Spill Questions and Answers

Q: How do oil spills affect us here in League City? If not how could one reach us?

A: It doesn't unless the oceans currents push oil in the water towards us.

Q: What's and idea that could help stop oil spills and how could it be put implemented now?

A: Finding out a way to transport oil on the ships a lot safer and more efficient. It could take a long or short amount of time depending on how long the idea takes to become a success.

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Pelican in the oil.


Two Issues with Oil Spills.

1) Oil covers and sticks to everything it touches. If the oil washes into coastal marshes, mangrove tree forests and other wetlands nearby, the plants and grasses could take in the oil, which damages the plants and makes the whole area bad for wildlife to stay.

2) EVentually the oil sinks down to the bottom and kills all of the sea life on the bottom of the ocean.

What areas are affected by the Oil Spills?

Mainly the ocean because everyone that transports oil by the ocean.