Kite Blueprints

emma wilson's kite blueprints

My Blueprint

I will soon craft this cool kite in math. further specifics are displayed below along with some interesting pictures of some students working hard on their kite projects.

Measurements and instructions

i will use 25 feet of string, 7 feet of wrapping paper, three 1-foot dowell rods (and one 7-foot rod for the center), and 3 4-foot strips of tissue paper. Then i will cut small triangles out of each side so it looks like a lighning bolt. next i will tape the dowell rods in the pattern shown in yellow. after that i will tie the string in the pattern shown in gray. finally i will decorate it with stars and hearts all over the kite.

our first period kids making their models

these are some pictures of our students crafting some of their kites as trial and error experiments in science

my kite, and others as well

i beieve that my kite is a della porta, but because of its odd shape, i cannot specifically classify my kite. but there are many other kites that you an build if you want to. the vast array of kites that you can build is nearly unlimited as long as you use your imagination. so whenever you have a few minutes, find some materials and build yourself a kite.

boring kites? not really

these kites that the students are crafting are very beautiful and unique every student is in charge of making their kites from material found around the house such as dowell rods, wrapping paper, tissue paper, garbage bags, stickers, markers and much much more. also, we will soon test fly our kites to see if they fly or fail outside.

kites in all curriculums?

at my school, we are making, brainstorming, business planning, and learning all about kites, but not simply in one class. all of the subjects, math, science, social studies, and language arts, cover things all about kites. which i find very cool because normally each subject is different and very confusing. but not anymore...