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Week of 4/8

Summer Reading

Just a reminder to begin thinking about changes you'd like to see in our summer reading program. This is for the kids coming into your grade level next year. If you need copies of the existing program for your reference, just email me and I'm glad to pass those along to you. Thanks for helping make our summer reading program the best it can be!

Introducing the Super 3

Last week I made mention of the Big 6. That research model is designed for 2nd semester 3rd grade and up. For our younger students, the model I have in mind is the Super 3 (Plan, Do, Review). For next year, I'd love to see all grades collaborate on some basic research projects that can be completed using library resources with us working together to teach proper research skills. I have big changes in store for the library next year and I'm looking forward to getting everything on paper so that we can move forward.

App of the week

This week I'm mentioning a poetry app. It's called Word Mover and is another way to create found poetry. The app generates tiles with words on them which your students can manipulate to create poems or sentences. If a word is not in the list, you can generate your own tiles within the app. It allows for the creation of albums so you can keep student work together and not have to guess. Here's a link to the app: As always, if you have any suggested apps or websites, please let me know and I'll be glad to include them in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

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