The Flipped Classroom

Deepening Understanding & Engaging our Learners

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Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions.

Flipped Learning

Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.
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What is the Flipped Classroom?

  • teachers make 7 to 10-minute videos of their lessons using laptops
  • Videos are uploaded onto a teacher or school website, or even YouTube, where they can be accessed by students on computers or smartphones as homework.
  • For pupils lacking easy access to the Internet, teachers copy videos onto flash drives.
  • Students with no home device watch the video on school computers.
  • Class time is devoted to practical applications of the lesson

Tool Options for Screencasting

Making Flipped Class Videos with Explain Everything

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Making Flipped Class Videos With Explain Everything

Practical Considerations

Uploading to Office 365

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Office 365 Sites

Flipped learning

  • share videos and documents
  • collaborate within discussions
  • organize and manage both group and individual groups