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What is Yo-Fi Wellness?

Yo-Fi Wellness is a custom, personal video software app. featuring the brightest talent in Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition and Meditation. Perfect for the college or university, each user has their own account so it can be completely customized right down to the workout scheduler. Yo-Fi is awesome:

  • Available on all web-enabled devices
  • Hundreds of classes in Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition and Meditation
  • Available anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Cloud-based scalability never lets you down
  • No software to install and doesn't require computer memory
  • 100% custom with plug & play flexibility
  • Sophisticated content sorting and storage
  • Personal workout schedulers
  • Advanced analytics
  • Yo-Fi is easy, fun and a little bit habit-forming!

Who Uses Yo-Fi?

According to recent NYU results from a course called "Exercise And The Brain", physical exercise is an important factor in learning. Plus,

• Male college freshmen gain around 6 pounds the first semester
• Female college freshman gains around 4 pounds the first semester
• Nearly one out of six gained 10 or more pounds during freshman year
• 6 percent gained the "Freshman 15" or more
• At the end of the freshman year, more than 17 percent were overweight or obese, compared to only 14 percent at the start

Yo-Fi provides an easy-to-use, high tech wellness solution for students. It is a video software app. featuring the country's brightest talent in Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition and Meditation. Yo-Fi is available 24/7/365 to enjoy in the dorm, the gym, at home or in the quad. It is customizable, portable, sharable and provides social networking for students to share their experiences. With Yo-Fi students will become more engaged in their own wellness, promising better results in the classroom and a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. Yo-Fi is cool!

Yo-Fi Wellness is entirely private labeled for your school promoting school spirit and extension marketing.

High Quality Content

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Yo-Fi: Vinyasa Yoga with Mitchel Bleier

Social Network Enabled

Support, Motivation & Engagement!

Private Labeled For Your School!

Promotes School Spirit & Extension Marketing!

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Yo-Fi Wellness is surprisingly affordable and super-easy to integrate. Your school can be up and running in as little as a few days. We support all of our schools with a robust suite of marketing and support such as webinars, PowerPoint presentations and collateral materials. So, what are you waiting for? Let us take you for a tour! Just click here and tell us about your school. We'll be in touch before you can say "Yo-Fi"!

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