Genital Warts (HPV)

By: Vishwa A. TB:2

Definition of HPV

They are warts that are located near the genital areas. Some warts aren't visible. It is caused by a virus.

How is it transmitted to another person?

It is transmitted by sexual contact. Also through pregnancy from the mother to child.


There are no signs or symptoms, but someone can be infected and pass it on. But, warts are visible with a magnifying glass. It can take weeks to months for the warts to develop.

Treatments for HPV

There is no cure, but treatments to reduce warts. The doctor will do a examinations, make a diagnosis, and provide treatment, if necessary. Some bumps could just be pimples. You can get laser surgery and/or surgery.

What can the disease do to someone if left untreated? Problems?

If it is not treated, it can grow bigger, and multiply. Girls can get problems that could lead to cervical cancer.

How do you prevent HPV?

You can prevent HPV with abstinence. Condoms don't provide full protection.