cyber bullying


dont cyber bully

cyber bullying is bad. When you bully people and then move to a different school your record will be put as bully and that is bad. Nobody wants to be a bully. I think everybody should be friends. You can bully anybody. But you shouldn't it will affect your life. You shouldn't bully anybody.

make smart choices

you need to make smart choices you wont make friends if you bully people that is bad very bad. Cyber bullying can be on your record if you move to a different school then they will have you down as a bully. some bullies are violent others mean. some bullies will stick to there target to people. Be kind online.

different kinds of bullying

don't cyber bully be safe

why do they bully?

they bully because they think they will be cool. Like sometimes cool kids are bullies.

Another one is that bullies try to make there selfs feel good inside but it dosn't work.

People try to get away from bullies but it won't work have a teacher talk to him or her about it. Just try to get them to stop.

say no to cyber bullying

dont cyber bully!!!! its bad Others will feel bad and you won't feel good. People need to not bully others its not good for kids. and parents get worried about it.

Stay safe kids. Don' let the words hurt you.