Duke Staff, is worth Melting For...

'Twas the days before the Holidays at Duke

Snowman Motivation

Advice from a Snowman

  • Be a jolly, happy soul
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Stay cool
  • It’s okay to be a little bottom-heavy
  • Avoid meltdowns
  • Be well-rounded
  • Live well, life is short!

Counting Down the Days 'til the Winter Break

Day 8 Wednesday 12/9- Snowman Sayings "Snowmen aren't forever but their memories last a lifetime." Choose a Winter Fun Book from the Gift Basket in the library during your conference.

Day 7 Thursday 12/10- Hands down you are the best Staff around- Enjoy hand sanitizers to keep the germs away!

Day 6 Friday 12/11- Party ‘til you melt-Fajitas for Lunch in the LGI (all staff); Don't forget and join us for the UGLY Christmas sweater contest; The top 10 teachers and top 3 paraprofessionals will get to leave at 3:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday not to exceed 5 teachers on any given day. Not to worry, we got your duty covered.

Day 5 Monday 12/14-There’s just ‘Snowbody" like YOU-enjoy hot chocolate and cookies

Wear your Slippers and Socks

Day 4 Tuesday 12/15-Chillin' with my peeps, Duke Teachers and Para's are worth melting for...Happy hour drinks from SONIC on the house.

Wear your pajamas

Day 3 Wednesday 12/16- Special gift from PTO

Wear your Warm-Ups

Day 2 Thursday 12/17- Christmas parties PK-1st

Wear your Winter Hats and Head Gear

Day 1 Friday 12/18- Christmas parties 2nd-5th grade Early Dismissal 12:30pm