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Our firm offers a complete guide through the process of placing charges against someone in civil matters. The steps taken during these situation will be detailed in this brochure.

Hire a lawyer

We have the best representatives that will not charge a large amount for services. We lower our prices ,so that people who do not have a lot of money are able to have good representation.

Lawyer Files a Complaint

As the Plaintiff , the one suing another person, you are suppose to inform your lawyer of why you would like to charge someone. With the information your lawyer receives from you, then your lawyer is able to file a complaint.

Court Sends Summons

The court will then send an order to appear before a judge called a summon. The summon is sent to the defendant, which is the person being sued.

Defendant Files Answer to Complaint

After the defendant is informed of the charge placed on them , the defendant is able to file an answer to the complaint admitting guilty or innocent . The complaint of the plaintiff and the answer of the defendant make up the pleadings.

Pretrial Conference

The judge calls the pretrial conference. During the conference , the plaintiff and the defendant have two ways they can dispute , through mediation or arbitration. Mediation is having a third party lead the discussion and help to reach a consensus. Arbitration is having a third party settles the dispute and is legally binding.

The Trial

The trial can be with a jury of 6-12 people or a judge. The person who filed the complaint presents their side first then the defendant follows. Then both size both summarize their pleadings. The Plaintiff must have persuade the jury that the defendant is guilty , also known as " a preponderance of evidence.

The Verdict

The jury or the judge make a decision on the outcome of the case, the verdict. If the Plaintiff is not okay with the result of the war then they are able to appeal to a higher court.