The Cougar Connection

A Corporation Wide Newsletter

~From Mr. Gaff's Desk~

Thank you for the great start to the second semester! I appreciate the hard work to successfully implement e-learning for the cancellation day on the 10th. E-learning has been a work-in-progress for over a year, and it is nice to see the successful follow through. Also, I appreciate the effort from the elementary teachers to work through the process. I have said from the start, I do not want to do e-learning until it can be a meaningful day for both the staff and students. You have done a great job finding ways to make the days beneficial and academic.

At the board meeting on Tuesday evening, the Board approved an updated calendar for next school year. The first teacher day is scheduled for August 10, and the first student day is scheduled for August 11. The calendar also includes an extended Fall and Christmas break for both students and teachers. The updated calendar is available on the Central Noble website. (click here to view the calendar)

Finally, the regularly scheduled board meetings for the next three months will be held in the buildings. The meetings will be as follows:

February 21 – Wolf Lake Elementary Library

March 21- Jr/Sr High Café

April 18 – Albion Elementary Multi-Purpose Room.

The board is looking forward to being able to interact with students and staff, as well as having the opportunity to walk around the building to look into classrooms.

Thank you for all you do for Central Noble.


Lady Cougars-back to back NECC champs!

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School Safety Review-Fire Code

A friendly reminder that fire code requires all objects to be a minimum of 18" from the ceiling tiles. Also, classrooms must have a safe and clear path for travel to emergency exits. Objects in the hallway are restricted to one side. Additionally, fire pull stations and fire extinguishers must not be blocked and should have a 5-foot perimeter of clearance.

We anticipate a visit from the Fire Marshall anytime. Please do a check of your classroom and the area outside your classroom to be sure you are in compliance. If you have any questions please contact your building administrator for clarity on the fire code.

~WeCare Clinic~

2017 WeCare TLC Wellness-January

Metabolic Support: Thyroid Self Test

Click here to view the step by step flyer to perform a Thyroid Self Test

~Upcoming Events~

*Saturday, January 21: Varsity Wrestling NECC Tourney @Fairfield

*Friday, January 27: Albion 4th Grade USF Perform. Arts & FW History Museum Field Trip

*Friday, January 27: Albion & Wolf Lake 5th Grade Shrine Circus Field Trip

*Saturday, January 28: Varsity Wrestling Sectionals @Westview

*Tuesday, January 31: Varsity Girls Sectionals Begin

*Saturday, February 4: 8th Grade Incentive Trip to Swiss Valley

*Tuesday, February 21: School Board Meeting @Wolf Lake Elementary

*Tuesday, February 28: Varsity Boys Sectionals Begin @Westview

The Athletic Boosters Need Your Help!

The CN Athletic Boosters are on the verge of dissolving due to lack of participation. Did you know you don't have to be an Athlete Parent in order to participate? On average, the boosters are responsible for raising $25,000-$35,000, all by a small handful of volunteers. All money raised directly benefits ALL middle and high school aged athletes and our athletic facilities. Each athlete receives roughly $50 to go towards practice and required gear PER SPORT.

If you're interested in helping out, please contact:

Eric Custer

Ty Schuller

Tax Time is Here!

We know you're wondering....W-2's are coming soon!

Be sure to check your withholding and if you need to make any changes, see Jewel at Central Office to fill out the appropriate forms.