The Jungle Book Review

By: Clay Herron


Upton Sinclair was a journlist in the early 1900s who was paid to write about what was going on in the meat packing plants. He revealed many of the harsh conditions the workers faced and the unsanitary way the meat and food was being handled. After his book was published the president created many food saftey laws that helped the workers and protected the health of the customer.


This stories main setting is located in "packing town" in Chicago. It is a very nasty germ infested town full of poverty. Most of the people are poor imagrents looking for work to support there family.

Main Characters

Jurgis Rudkus- imagrent who comes to America with his wife Ona to look for a better life.

Ona- Jurgis' wife who is a strong hardworking person who also believes in the "American Dream".

Teta- Ona's mother who is a strong willed old lady who keeps the family together through rough times.

Phil Connor- Ona's boss who sexually harasses her and shows the true corruption in Chicago at this time in history.

Problems/conflicts in the story

Though out the story the characters face many challenges and hard ships being imagrents in a new country. Most of Jurgis' problem is finding and keeping a job. He either got hurt, arrested, laid off, or fired from the jobs that he worked at. Ona is raped and beat by her boss and later dies while in child birth. The kids also face hardships ,because when Jurgis is injured at work the kids have to go to work to help support the family. They go through harsh conditions with next to nothing for pay.
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My Response

I really like that Jurgis kept on trying to make his and his family's life better and that he didn't care about getting rich , but to just have a better life for his family.

I was surprised to learn about the terrible things that people had to go through when working in the meat factories.

If I were the Character I probably would have moved away from packing town and found other work far away from there.

One thing that reminded me of my life is that Jurgis and Ona who are the care givers work so hard to support there family. This reminded me of my mom and dad ,especially my dad who has missed birthdays and holidays to support his family and without him I would be where I am today.

I don't like how the people were treated in the book and how even when they worked hard they still didn't get a break from poverty and never live the American Dream.

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I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars just because I wasn't really interested in this book ,but the story line was really good.