California Drought

California's Conditions

How can I create a presentation for people to start donating money for more water pumps in California?

I'm worried about the Californians. They have a really little amount of water. But the conditions are better. In mid-November, 2015, the water barrier was removed. The government used the barrier to get enough water for 25 million Californians, and residents from Contra Costa, Delta, Alameda & Santa Clara counties.

An unexpected turn

Though the drought's better, maybe it got worse again. The water was temporary, and I'm not sure if it's still holding. That's why the donations are important.

Too much rain

El Nino, the period of rains expected by Californians, brought WAY too much flooding to California. There was a LOT of flooding and it caused pretty serious damage. Now, because of the flood, the Californians got more problems.
ScienceCasts: California Drought

About the video

It's important to my topic as it show how much snow was before and how much now. I've learned what effect the drought has on the snow in the mountains, too.