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Literacy and Beyond

Mission: To improve the reading skills and educational outcomes of at-risk children and their families in addition to addressing the non-academic barriers that hinder their success.

History of Literacy and Beyond

Literacy and Beyond was founded as HIS Life Foundation in 2009 with a focus of helping people in St. Clair County and the city of Kalamazoo to reach their full potential educationally and professionally. In 2011 our geographical focus shifted to St. Clair County and select locations in Lapeer County. In the spring of 2013 we re-branded the organization and changed our name to Literacy and Beyond to better reflect our ongoing efforts of improving children’s literacy skills in the communities we serve.

Learn more about the Elementary and Middle School Programs

Literacy and Beyond (LaB) is dedicated to continually researching, developing, and implementing innovative programs designed to close the achievement gap that exists for many at-risk children. All of or our programs include the use of technology (iPad, Chromebooks, online curriculum, etc…) to the greatest extent possible and employ research-proven curricula that is engaging for children and utilizes a multi-tiered, differentiated instructional model.

Learn About the GED program

Literacy and Beyond opened the G.E.D. prep lab in October as a part of our two generation strategy. The lab offers flexible hours, individualized study plans, access to study material, and tools for establishing college and career goals. If you have any questions, or are interested in applying, please call 810-637-1231.

Learn about the tutoring programs

At the LaB Learning Center we provide quality academic tutoring through certified teachers to help students reach their full potential. We strive to improve individual academic achievements by providing innovative learning opportunities that align to Common Core Standards. The LaB Learning Center staff assists students in creating measurable, educational goals that are achievable and intrinsically motivating.

Thank You to our Conference Sponsors

This conference is free and open to all K-16 educators because of the support of our partners and sponsors. We want to thank Peardeck, Blackboard, Literacy and Beyond, Madonna University, MAET program at Michigan State University, and MAME who has giving their support to the 2016 conference in a big way! Please visit their sites and thank them for supporting our amazing no-cost conference!

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