CPD Days

23 & 24 September

Visible Learning at DC

This Friday and Saturday, all staff will have an opportunity to inquire further into visible learning with a specific focus on feedback. We look forward to having all teaching staff and educational assistants working side by side on Friday to unpack types of feedback that have an impact on student learning and how we might continue to develop our practice within this area.

Below you will find key information for the two days. Please read the agenda carefully.

Introducing our presenter Jayne-Ann Young ....

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Agenda for Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22

These days will be predominantly for Jayne-Ann to work with PLT & SLT , however, she will also be visiting classes in both Primary and Secondary to capture student voice around feedback at DC. This will be very informal and will hopefully not interrupt your programs. The student voice will be very general and not highlight individual teachers or subjects.
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Agenda for Friday 23

Friday will see all staff together for a full day workshop on 'Feedback That Makes Learning Visible'.

Venue: Theatre (Please enter via LG/F Whitebox)

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Agenda for Saturday 24

Start of the day....

We will hear from Jayne-Ann about the importance of data, types of data and ways to make data visible for teaching and learning.



After morning tea.....

Primary workshop with Jayne-Ann & Secondary Data Workshops


Primary - Theatre w/ Jayne-Ann Young

Secondary - 4/F & 5/F Classrooms

After lunch.....

Looking forward & planning opportunities


Primary - Staffroom

Secondary - Starting in theatre w/ Jayne-Ann Young

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Morning Tea & Lunch will be provided in the staffroom on both days of CPD at the designated times.

Friday Menu

-Quinoa & Apple Salad w/ Curry Dressing

-Greek Chicken Cutlets

-Cauliflower w/ Golden Raisins & Almonds

-Pasta w/ Mixed Mushrooms & Thyme

Saturday Menu

-Couscous Salad w/ Black Beans, Mushrooms & Corn

-Barbecued Chicken Breasts w/ Spicy Glaze

-Almond Broccoli (v)

-Roasted Zucchini & Tomato Pasta (v)