The Pony Express

Owned by: Noah M, Angela P, and Kaylee M, Mitchel M

Business Activities

  • Our service is taking a horse to a birthday party or event and walking people around on them.

  • We created this business so that we could make children happy by giving them the opportunity to “get a pony” for their birthday.

  • The only place in the area that has a similar business as us is Riverside Stables, but we are the better option because we offer more bang for your buck.
  • Raising Capital
  • To get our business started we will use a savings account with money that we inherited from our grandparents. With this money we will start a small, local business.
  • Employees and Training
  • We hire family and close family friends anyone outside of family has to attend training camp which is 10 days long and costs $100. Here we train you how to properly handle the horses, care for them after they work, and what the safety procedures are to ensure that both the horses and surrounding people stay safe and enjoy their experience. We recruit our workers through word of mouth.

  • Buying Goods and Services

  • We purchase our grain, sawdust, brushes, and mane and tail shampoo and conditioner, as well as other grooming material from Big R. Our hay comes from a local farmer and we bought our horse trailer from Midway Trailer Sales in Litchfield.
  • Marketing Goods and Services
  • For advertisement we will place an ad in the shopper, newspaper, and the phone book. Flyers will be posted around the surrounding area in shopping centers and on bulletin boards in libraries and banks. We will have basic information on these flyers that will include our phone number, activities that we participate in, the ponies that we use, and a QR code that will take you straight to our website with further information and details.
  • Maintaining Business Records
  • Our Business Records will be kept on Quickbooks. It will keep the accounting side of our business organized and keep us on top of things. We will also have schedules and agendas to key us in on the basic details of the event that we are attending. We accept cash or checks only.
  • Business Entity
  • Our business is a partnership. We chose this because we get to put our heads together and make decisions as a whole. We also get to share the financial responsibilties. The disadvantages to this are there is no protection for personal assets and if a person dies the partnership usually dissolves unless previous arrangements are made.
  • Business Goals
  • We want to be able to afford purchasing more horses
  • We want to be able to start an annual charity event for cancer children
  • Profit over $15,000 in our first year
  • Broaden our range of activities (such as horse training and children's camps)
  • We want to have 100% customer satisfaction
  • Mission Statement
  • We commit to giving you the best experience possible and ensure both your safety and experience will be top notch. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction!

Our Awesome Ponies

Come visit us at home!

We are open to the public

Monday-Friday 6am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday 8am-10pm