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May 23, 2014

What's going on in Room 32?

District Assessments: We have finished F & P Testing for this year. Every student has shown growth since January! As a reminder, we test for Instructional Level which is always a bit higher than Independent Level. Students know when they are choosing "Good Fit" books that it is perfectly acceptable to choose a level or two BELOW their Instructional Level, especially since students will be going to the library over summer break. Please remind your student to read everyday so they don't regress over the long summer break. Once again I will be sending home the updated sheet with all the district assessment scores. The sheet will be included in today's Friday Folder.


Thanks to all of the parents from our class who helped out. It was a great field day this year!

Fox Hill Field Day


For the L*O*V*E* of Learning!

In Writers' Workshop students worked hard to finish publishing and audio recording their poems. Every student has finished and will take part in our Writers' Celebration on May 27th (Not the 26th as it is Memorial Day). As students finished publishing their poems at different times during the this week, some students have had an opportunity to work with different forms of poetry (e.g., haiku, limerick, acrostic, diamente, and found poems). Although we did not require the students to use an established form for the poem they published, we encouraged them to consider the form that best fit their topic.

Aside from working on their poems, students have spent time this week writing birthday letters for students who have birthdays during the summer months. We will continue writing letters to students in our class with summer birthdays next week.

This week in Readers' Workshop we have been working really hard to finish the books that we are reading in the literature groups. Many students have had the opportunity to lead their small group for a short amount of time. This has allowed the groups to meet for longer periods each day and given them practice working together.

This week in Math, the students took a quiz about the features of three dimensional shapes that we reviewed last week. They did GREAT! We also worked with metric measurement (liquid and mass). The students took their last district assessment this afternoon over geometric and measurement concepts.

In Social Studies, we continued our Economy unit. Students reviewed concepts of opportunity cost and scarcity and have also learned about concepts such as consumers, producers, supply, demand, and interdependence.

Miss Parmer as a 3rd Grader

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Third Grade Sundae Party

Tuesday, May 27th, 12:45pm

Third Grade Pod

Students will celebrating multiplication mastery with a Sundae Party!

Yearbook Signing

Tuesday, May 27th, 2:45pm

545 N.E. 106th Street

Kansas City, MO

Grades 2 & 3 will have their yearbook signing in the grassy area between the school and the caboose beginning at 2:45.

Grade 3-5 Pride Assembly

Wednesday, May 28th, 10:45am

545 N.E. 106th Street

Kansas City, MO

The Pride Assembly for grades 3-5 will be held in the gym beginning at 10:45.

Talent Show/End of the Year Celebration

Wednesday, May 28th, 2:30pm

545 N.E. 106th Street

Kansas City, MO

Last Day of School

Thursday, May 29th, 9am-12:30pm

545 N.E. 106th Street

Kansas City, MO

Dismissing at 12:30 pm.