Bell Boy Tradition Slowly Dying

Students Outraged at Lake Highlands Staff By: Jake White

What Are Bell Boy's?

Students fight back at Lake Highlands. Recently the tradition of being a ''Bell Boy'' at the school is slowly going away. Being a ''Bell Boy'' at Lake Highlands has been a tradition since the school was first started, and now changes are being made. A Bell Boy is someone who cheers the football players on at games, perform funny skits during pep rally's in front of the entire school, to be a ''Bell Boy'' you need to have school spirit. Only four people are selected to be a Bell Boy and the entire school votes on who they want to represent their school spirit.

Bell Boys

Slowly Eroding

To become a Bell Boy, you have to make a video of yourself demonstrating public humiliation, comedy, and being a dare devil and present it to the entire school. It's not only the school who's involved the entire community is involved. You have to get recommendations from people in your community to approve of you. Now the school is considering to take away the bell boy videos and limit the amount of pep rally's they perform at. The Lake Highlands staff has also created new requirements such as: you must have a certain GPA to be eligible, you have to perform a skit in front of the principals by yourself, and cannot have In School Suspension for the entire year. Soon the tradition of the Bell Boys will become an urban legend.