Bethany Hamilton

By; Emily Rushing

Early Childhoood

Bethany was born in Lihue,HI on February 8,1990. She has two older brothers named Timothy and Noah Hamilton. Her parents and her brothers taught her how to surf and by the time she was eight she was in competiative surfing.When she was nine she moved up some places in the competition by winning several events.

Teen Years

October 31,2003 Bethany was lying down on her surf board swinging her arms in the water and a tiger shark came and bit off her left arm.She got rushed to the hospital.The doctors told her parents that she may not live much longer but bethany still did not give up and she made it through and survived.Weeks later she was back out surfing again she did not let the shark attack effect her from surfing.In 2004 she wrote a movie called soul surfer it was about the shark attack that happened to her.

Adult life

Bethany met Adam Dirks in 2012 they had a close relationship.They were engaged for four months and then decided to get married in August of 2013. They are expecting their first child in June of this year. Which is suppost to be a boy.

Reasearch Questions

Bethany had a positive effect on society. She had a good effect on the world and peolple she would encourage people to do things and not to give up. Bethany's life was changed when a shark came up and bit off her left arm. Bethany did overcome obstacles,take risks and she did get lucky.Bethany did surf competitions. she did take a risk by having her arm bit off. she did get lucky and ended up barly surviving.I chose Bethany Hamilton because she has very interesting things about her. What makes Bethany so interesting is alot of the stories I have heard about her. Something that is new from this research is that Bethany Hamilton is pregnant with a boy. The adjectives I would describe about her is she is kind,brave and helpful.

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