Paper Staff Call 1/13/2017

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - January 16 - No School

First Class Flyers

Geaux Natalie- 7th grade History is rocking!

Wonder refreshing walk through in 7th grade History this week. You can hear the smile coming through the screen. Used student moderators, compared and contrast, had RL examples for vocabulary of push/pull factors as related to History.

Take note that 6th grade ELA is Jamming with Jamie!

Students were editing and discussing grammar rules. I love how data was placed into the objective- Jamie knew that she wanted a certain percent of students to master her class before starting it. That is powerful knowledge for the students to have and use to check their progress. Which she will look at using SOAR and the DWF. Way to geaux!
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From the Tower...

Teacher and Staff Expectations

Team, as we move into a new semester, we feel this is a good time to refresh the team on our expectations for teachers working from home. Here is the official document sent out to all teachers at the beginning of each semester. Some important highlights we would like mention include:
- Provide high-quality, targeted instruction
- Be available from 8a-5p, Monday through Friday - this includes phone, access to data and tasks, etc. A good rule of thumb is be able to get to your computer in no more than 15 minutes.
- Reading and responding to administrative communication, including schedules and tasks
- Meet deadlines

Also, a quick reminder about time off:
-Less than two hours away? Just let your admin know UNLESS you will be missing a scheduled/required session or event. In that case, time off will need to be taken.
- More than two hours? Either a half or full day need to be taken.

Have questions about what's expected? Just ask :)

Quick Reminders

Do you have an automatic signature line at the bottom of your email? If not, please create one. It is expected that all staff have a clear and professional signature line to close their emails.

Also, be sure that you're creating 'out of the office' emails when you will be out of the office (not checking or responding to emails) for a day or longer.

Add HOS to all BBC sessions

Please make sure that when you are creating class connect sessions you are inviting Danielle to your sessions. She will need the ability to jump into your sessions and view recordings as desired.
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Head of School

~Special thanks to CSAL's Superintendent, Dujan Johnson, and K12's RVP and DRVP, Karen Ghidotti and Dr. Perry Daniel, for taking time out of their busy schedules to keep us informed of the recent and upcoming changes surrounding the Type II Charter Funding lawsuit.

~Please stay focused and continue to display the same enthusiasm observed in our 1st PD for the new year in "Working" the plan to move from D to B.

~Dr. Daniel is now in FULL support mode. Please refrain from cc'ing him on all communications surrounding the day to day operations and activities for LAVCA. If you have questions or concerns, those should be directed:

Lead Teachers (where applicable) > Principals/Ops Manager/Special Programs Manager>HOS.

2 "New" Hires - Our Operations Team is now fully staffed. Kristy Davis will serve as LAVCA's Operations Manager, and Shawn Kleinpeter High School Registrar. We are delighted to have them both onboard. Their official start date will be January 23rd.

This week's focus: The CSAL Inc. Assessment Wheel

Component 1: PLAN - Select Power standards, Use Common Core Curriculum Maps, and Learn Best Strategies

K-7 Principal

Here's the link to your January 17-20 Flight Plan:

Updated information sheet:

K-5 Who needs a BOT Plan?

Please make sure that you are using Ashley's list to create referrals. We need to make sure we have 10% and are averaging 6% right now. Let's get these students to Kim.

8-12 Principal

Here is your Flight Plan for the week of January 16.
Remember that Quarter 3 Pre-tests close today. We will be gathering that data for an Instructional Level update next week.
Have a great three day weekend!


DVM Forms for Students Obtaining a Permit or License

The state requires that students provide proof of enrollment when obtaining Driving Permits or Licenses. These proof of enrollment forms must be original copies signed in blue ink; therefore parents either have to pick them up from the office or have them physically mailed to their homes. These cannot be sent electronically, so we allow for a one week turn around with these forms. Please send all requests to Ms. Holmes so that they may be prepared as needed.

Records Request

For your information in communication with families, records are not automatically sent straight to a school upon student withdrawal. The new school must send a records request so that we can track student updates and moves. Records requests can be faxed or emailed to the respective registrar to be processed.
Also, records are not automatically sent to parents either. They too must request records and may do so directly from the registrar.

Special Programs

  • · All SPED staff schedules are due by COB today Friday 13,2017
  • · SER progress reports are due by Tuesday January 17, 2017
  • · The SPED team will have a round-up the first week in February. All staff are required to attend. More information is forthcoming.


We are going to start having a regularly scheduled time during one staff call per month for the FAST team to meet with grade-band teachers. More info to come.

Here is a current list of FAST referrals.

Please refer students who are already showing signs of not being engaged. We want to start working with them as soon as possible.

Academic progress (or lack of progress) is tracked on students who are referred to FAST for 12 weeks after receiving a BOT plan, even if they are exited from FAST. Here is our latest data on the academic gains of students who have been referred to FAST:

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N=shows the number of students tracked. If you're interested in specific student data, please let me know.

We are onboarding 188 new students right now. We have had quite a few complete onboarding requirements. They are being moved into permanent homerooms.

Here is the official cohort start dates:

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Please let the FAST team know if we can do anything to help.

New Training

There is a 30 minute training on late starting students, if you are interested. It is not mandatory. Thanks!

Course Description:

The Late Starting Student Support training provides a comprehensive look at how school teams onboard late-starting students through the Strong Start program, highlighting a number of considerations and promising practices from the field. The training begins by examining who late starting students are with supporting research outlining the risk factors associated with students who change schools during the school year. A student profile guides users through a scenario outlining the mid-year Strong Start experience from the student and family perspective.

Intended Audience:

Any school staff that interface with and support late-starting students, in particular, teachers, administrators, FASTeams and student support services personnel.

Options to locate the new course:

Catalog Search. Use course title and search

Current Training. All teachers can find it from Current Training when they open the curriculum K12 Online Tool Updates SY 1617 (This stays on Current Training for all teachers until May.) in a block called “Updates for Student Support.”

Direct Curriculum Content Link:

Direct Course Content Link:

*Note: The other item in the “Updates for Student Support” block is the FAST Tracker training


Welcome Back Team!!!

The counseling team is working as efficiently and effectively as possible to create and correct schedules. In addition, students' Individualized Graduation Plans are being updated and created (for new students) and will be provided for distribution at a later date. Lastly, the schedule change deadline is January 31, 2017. Any schedule change request received after January 31, 2017 will require administration approval.

We hope you have a great semester!!!

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