November 16, 2012

Watch out for that wave.

In this article I will be writing about hurricanes, for example I will be writing about how hurricanes form and maintain their strength. I will also be writing about when hurricane season is and what the difference is between a hurricane and a typhoon. Last but not least, I will be writing about Hurricane Donna of 1960. So lets get started.

How Hurricanes Form and Maintain Their Strength

I am now going to start by telling you the reader, how hurricanes form. Hurricanes form as tropical systems over really warm water of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, or warmer. Also the atmosphere must cool off quickly the higher you go. Winds must come together to force air upward above the storm allowing air below to rise. The light winds outside the hurricane steer it and let it grow. The humid air rising make the clouds of the storm. The tropical system has now turned into a hurricane.

Hurricanes maintain their strength form the warmth of the oceans water. Once a hurricane is using the ocean's warm water to maintain it's strength it can become stronger, but when a hurricane makes landfall it weakens. Hurricanes can weaken when they make landfall, but they also weaken when they move over a dry mass of air. When hurricanes move over a dry mass of air they can become disorganized "per say".

When Hurricane Season is and What the Difference is Between a Hurricane and a Typhoon

Now I an going to tell you about when hurricane season is, and what the difference is between a hurricane and a typhoon. Hurricane season is from the first of June to November 30th, though hurricanes usually occur during fall months.

The difference between a hurricane and a typhoon is that hurricanes start off the Eastern Atlantic coast. Typhoons start off the Western Pacific coast. These types of storms may start off at different coast, but they are typically the same type of storm.

Hurricane Donna of 1960

Last I am going to tell you about a famous hurricane in history. Hurricane Donna form 1960! Lets start off by me telling you when and where Hurricane Donna made landfall. Donna made landfall on September 1st 1960. The places She made landfall in the United States was Florida, The Mid-Atlantic States, and New England. Donna caused 387 million dollars in The United States and 13 million U.S. dollars outside the United States.

I Hoped You Enjoyed

Finally I hoped you enjoyed this sample of information on hurricanes in general and a hurricane in history, Hurricane Donna. There is so much more information to learn on hurricanes. Thank you for reading this article on hurricanes. Again I hoped you enjoyed it. Until next time, best wishes Ansli Shipman.